A group is raising funds to sue Andre Cronje for Eminence’s hack

Cronje left Twitter, but that has not stopped people from trying to sue him for Eminence’s hack.

A group of investors is financing a lawsuit against the founder of Yearn.finance (YFI), Andre Cronje, for hacking into the unprecedented and unfinished Eminence Protocol (EMN).

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In a publication, EMN Investigation said it is raising funds to sue Cronje, Yearn’s developer „Banteg“, and Yearn’s Twitter user and supporter „Blue Kirby“. The group let it be known that 100% of the donations would be used to fund the lawsuit. The collective collection will end on 9 November. The group added:

„As a way to thank you for your donation, we will take a snapshot at the end of the fundraising campaign and airdrop 50% of the supply of a YFI fork to donors. The other 50% of the supply will be used to airdrop the victims of the MNC scandal. We will create a new DeFi ecosystem, but without the bad actors.

On September 29, the MNC protocol was hacked. The hacker stole USD 15 million, but then transferred USD 8 million back to Cronje. Cronje said he did not intend to launch MNCs for another three weeks at the time of the nefarious incident.

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EMN Investigation said that if the project was still a worthless test, Cronje, Blue Kirby and Banteg should not have promoted it so much. The group said:

„If MNE was a test, it was worthless as a token. However, Andre saw USD 15 million come in without saying anything. Why didn’t he warn the Yearn Finance team that they were buying and selling a worthless test token? If the developers of any other team started promoting and selling a test object, they would be accused of fraud and the whole team would lose its legitimacy. At best, it was a viral release that went wrong, and at worst, it was a carpet pull.

Cronje abandoned social networking after the MNE hack claiming death threats, something Banteg confirmed to Cointelegraph. He tweeted on Oct. 9 that he has not stopped developing technology, but simply left Twitter. Blue Kirby has since deleted his Twitter.

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Despite the disappointment of the MNC, YFI rose by 58% in the last few days, with its total blocked value walking over USD 900 million.