Durham Couple Robbed; $250K in Crypto Stolen

• Durham couple violently robbed of $250K in crypto
• Police have issued arrest warrants and are searching for the getaway vehicle
• Police advise to be cautious with strangers and install security systems

Durham Couple Robbed of Crypto Funds

A Durham, North Carolina couple was recently victimized by a violent home invasion. The two men entered the home armed with handguns, restrained the pair, and forced them to transfer over $250,000 worth of digital currency funds to wallets under their control. Arrest warrants have been issued for the perpetrators and police are looking for their escape vehicle.

Minor Injuries Sustained

The male and female victims were both around 76 years old when they were assaulted. They sustained minor injuries during the incident before being taken to a local hospital. Sergeant Jermaine Clark from the Durham Police Department has stated that this type of crime involving cryptocurrency is not common in this area.

How To Avoid Home Invasions

Investigator Christopher Walker offered advice for avoiding similar situations in future. He recommends not opening doors to people you don’t know, getting security systems or doorbell cameras installed, as well as building positive relationships with neighbors who can keep an eye on your property when you’re away.

Investigative Tools Can Help Recover Assets

While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be difficult to track down, Sergeant Clark expressed his confidence that proper investigative tools can help recover lost assets. As of now, the case is still ongoing as police look for information regarding the suspects and stolen crypto funds.


The recent robbery that took place in Durham serves as a reminder that caution should always be taken when it comes to strangers at your doorstep or online transactions involving cryptocurrency funds. Having proper security measures in place such as doorbell cameras or alarm systems can help deter criminals from targeting you or your property. Additionally, having strong relationships with your community members can ensure extra eyes are watching out for any suspicious activity near your home while you’re away.